Installing WordPress on a Server

I decided that probably isn’t the best solution for me to build a business on.

WordP4ress LogoI have been paying for space at 1 & 1 for several years. They offer WordPress software with the package, but I was unhappy with their offering of customization. Or rather their lack of customization.

They allow one to upload the entire software package for yourself into your space, but even with my technological skill I feared it would be difficult. If I tried and failed, I’d be mad at myself. But if I never tried, I’d never fail.

But I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. I downloaded the latest copy from WordPress.Org.I made sure I had the MySQL database set up ready for the blog. I uploaded it to my shared server after experimenting with a couple of ftp (file transfer protocol) programs And set about customizing it.

I tried to make it harder! But even though I browsed through all settings and pages installed on my site, I didn’t find any thing that was difficult.

It was so easy, I was almost embarrassed that I waited so long. I searched for a theme to use and expected to have to download it and then upload it and discovered that the software linked directly to site to install the themes.

Of course that’s not all I need to do. But I succeeded so far better than I imagined.

I want to customize it totally. I found several themes that have features that I like, but none are completely what I want. So now I have to learn how to make it look just like I want.

I’m sure it will provide new fodder for me to write about.


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