Thematic Experiments

Today I looked at the theme for this blog and thought it just wasn’t very inspired, so I played around with the options and thought it was getting less and less inspired as I dabbled.

I have since tried out at least 5 other themes. I finally settled on the one with the most color options. I guess I’m just too picky. It was a matter of trying them to see just how many options were available. I can’t really figure it out from the filter tags applied by the creators.

One theme allowed a custom by line–and that’s it! It was clean and straightforward, but the color just wasn’t me.

One theme was bold and graphic, but only allowed changing the header picture. And it was just TOO bold. Also, the format had multiple columns but they all clung to the left side of the window and left 1/3 of the screen empty–what a waste!

Others had more options, but one left some of the text in a light blue that only looked good with a few of the color options allowed. Another had automatic widget placement, and when I rearranged the widgets, the formatting changed.

And one had a one column/post format that left lots of whitespace under the really short posts and didn’t have a link for looking going directly to the previous posts.

I really liked another one. It allowed changing the size of the columns and custom picture size limits and the number of columns, but when I changed them so they were larger than the default my text didn’t all show up. And the layout distorted most of my images. I tried several things to adjust them, but no luck.

So I settle on the one that fills the screen with set size columns, but has 5 color options–and not just presets, complete custom colors. I  may have overdone it, though. Using a color scheme with 5 distinct colors probably isn’t the best idea, but I’ll play with it more before I give up and try another theme altogether!!

I suppose I should get out the ole reference books and learn how to code my own theme, but they say these sites are easy to click and go–ergo easy!

Oh well, I haven’t rearranged the living room furniture lately, maybe that’s what I should do next!


2 Responses to “Thematic Experiments”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Diane, I am so with you on this. I change my theme about 3 times a year, and check out all the new ones. I must have a customable header though, since I like to change that seasonally. I think it keeps things looking fresh. I just switched to the one I have now about three weeks ago or so. LOL…I trust it’s mostly a woman’s thing.

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