FaNS on FaceBook

Family of Native Spirits logo with feather fan and medicine wheelI created my first FaceBook group tonight. It’s for a group I belong to offline:  Family of Native Spirits (FaNS).  Our membership is of Native Americans and friends in and around the Quad Cities of Iowa & Illinois.

Our group chose this name because we want the idea of family to represent all we do. We want to show love and respect for everyone in our group and we welcome diversity in membership. We believe in living with a Native Spirit of respect for life in all forms and to respect and honor the history, culture, and traditions of the Native American peoples who reside in our vast country. We ask those who wish to join the group to share our mutual respect and love.

We are a new group for the area working to create our identity and build relationships with each other and the wider community.

Our Yahoo! Group:

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